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About Us

Nomi Tomo Sake House, since its inception, has fast grown beyond its doors.


While retaining the spirit of friendship and good food, we’ve gone on to become more.


As it stands, we’re currently Malaysia’s largest boutique and craft sake importer, while being the representative for 15 exclusive top-tier brands and/or brewers, directly from Japan, while providing distribution at a nationwide level.


When it comes to importing, and as the people who understand the importance of retaining each sake’s quality, the greatest care is taken during the entire process. Be it by air or sea, each one of our logistic partners ensures that the right equipment is used, like reefer containers to ensure consistent temperature so as to not compromise any of our product.


But it doesn’t end there.


Once the sake has arrived at our shores, we want to share that experience with the most important people of all – our customers. At Nomi Tomo, we believe that the more one understands the sake, the more they appreciate it.


And that’s why we’re looking to continue providing various programmes to do just that.


From organising Sake Festival Malaysia, and other various workshops, to corporate events and even down to sales and server training, we want to be able to provide not just any sake experience, but rather the right ones.


And if you ever want to find us for a drink, come down to Nomi Tomo, where every sales staff member is a qualified sommelier, so you can experience the best of what we have to offer for yourself.