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Brand: Gasanryu
"Kouka" means "Flower Scent" in English. Has a very nice, livey aroma, elegant, fresh notes of flower boduet, well-balanced flavor. International Wine Challenge 201O winner for Honjouzo Category...
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Brand: Yukinobosha
Rich and fragrant with a strong umami flavor from the rice. Excellent balance of acerbity and tartness with fruit tones. A versatile sake that can be enjoyed throughout the meal. Perfect to serve either warm (45°C to 50°C) or cold...
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Brand: Iyo Kagiya
Based on the idea of ​​honjozo, which is usually light, we have created a sake that pursues umami with a taste mouth. Rich type with a wide range of umami and refreshing feeling. The sharpness is outstanding. When drinking lightly, we recommend refreshing low temperature...
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