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Iyo Kagiya

Brand: Iyo Kagiya
Based on the idea of ​​honjozo, which is usually light, we have created a sake that pursues umami with a taste mouth. Rich type with a wide range of umami and refreshing feeling. The sharpness is outstanding. When drinking lightly, we recommend refreshing low temperature...
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Brand: Iyo Kagiya
A sake that pursues both taste and richness. It is the highest grade product for those who prefer pure rice sake. From cold sake to lukewarm sake, it's a little extravagant sake to go with a meal, but we want you to relax and enjoy it casually with your meal...
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Brand: Iyo Kagiya
We focused on the umami of the rice and finished it in a well-balanced manner. A gem that allows you to fully enjoy the aging changes from early spring to autumn. In early spring, enjoy the taste at room temperature, and in the summer, enjoy it at a refreshing low temperature. A masterpiece of Kagiy..
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Brand: Iyo Kagiya
This sake is intended for evening drinks, and it is a sake that is as light as possible for those who do not feel like drinking sake especially in the summer. However, it is a light umami sake that retains the umami of sake rice. The nurukan is also excellent...
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