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Brand: Bijofu
This sparkling liqueur is made from Bijofu sake, liquid sugar and yuzu, a type of Japanese citrus fruit. What makes this sake special, of course, is the yuzu. Yuzu grows well and abundantly in the temperate climate and rich forests of Kochi Prefecture, so we use a lot of it. Take just one sip and yo..
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Brand: Bijofu
Full of fresh fragrance and earthy tartness, Kochi-grown yuzu (a type of Japanese citrus fruit) is highly regarded throughout Japan. Freshly squeezed yuzu juice and liquid sugar are blended with Bijofu sake to make Bijofu Yuzu, a sweet-and-sour liqueur. Enjoy this product straight up, on the rocks, ..
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Brand: Bijofu
Daiginjo has a refreshing aroma and a refreshing sensation. It features a light scent reminiscent of Delicious apples, an elegant sweetness, and a refreshing aftertaste. At around 10C, when the temperature rises slightly due to cold, the aroma and taste range further expands...
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Brand: Bijofu
A refreshing, elegant and slightly dry type of sake, with moderate sweetness that goes well with dishes. On the nose, you can feel the rich scent of rice and the scents that reminds you of tropical fruits like pineapples. It goes well with sour and rich dishes such as Suzuki's Aqua Patza and Scallop..
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