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An experimental and unique sake, designed to pair well with high quality artisanal Parma ham—the brewery is also the official agent of the Italian Tanara ham producers.This is the first sake in the world to be brewed using malolactic fermentation (MLF), which is used in winemaking. MLF is a fermenta..
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It has a banana-like scent, and it has a juicy flavor that is more delicious than Yamagata Masamune! The finish gives a very fruity impression. This is a junmai ginjo made with sake brewing rice "Sake Mirai" developed over a decade by the president of "Takagi Shuzo", the brewery of Yamagata's famous..
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This is not a Karakuchi (dry sake) as you know it. The taste is fresh, vibrant and uplifting. Sake that tastes so good that you smile unconsciously after the first mouthful. In the nose you sense fine puffs of fruit, rice and umami, in beautiful balance. Instead of aniseed notes that you normally ta..
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