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01 Jul Sake Glossary
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Toji Head brewer and head of staff Jizake Local sake made by microbreweries Junmai Pure rice sake made from rice, koji, yeast and water, with no added brewer’s alcohol. Daiginjo The most expe..
01 Jul Sake Classification
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Premium Japanese sake is governed by a strict classification system covering grades of sake. One of the core philosophies behind this is the degree of milling – the more of the ..
01 Jul Drinkware
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The basic vessels for sake are the tokkuri (decanter or carafe) and the choko (cup). These can be made from a variety of materials including ceramics, glass, tin, wood and lacquerware. Each material..
01 Aug Sake 101
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How to enjoy sake: Sake is often best served chilled especially ginjo and daiginjo.For aromatic sake, we would recommend wine to capture more of the aromas than standard sake drinkware.Sake shoul..
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